Basic Guitar Delay Pedal

Guitar Pedal Mini Delay
guitar Pedal Flashback Mini DelayGuitar Pedal Mini Delayguitar Pedal Flashback Mini DelayDoug Aldrich Guitar Pedal Delay
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Guitar Delay Pedal

This is Doug's basic guitar delay pedal that he uses as an always on to add a bit of ambience to his tone. Whether you are playing rhythm or solo, this guitar delay pedal is sure to be part of Doug Aldrichs sound too and it can work wonders for yours too. This special Tone Print is a like a tape delay.

Guitar Delay Pedal settings

Recommendation: Set all knobs to 12 o'clock for the standard TonePrint and then adjust to taste.

The TC Electronic Flashback Mini is a small guitar delay pedal that's sized to fit on the most of the pedalboards. Guitar players are loving the original Flashback delay.

Delay Custom TonePrint

There are no limits – you can download custom TonePrint tone settings made by professional guitar players or just create your own tones. The TonePrint editor software is for free.

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